What does Geostokos mean?

NEWS!! 2020 training and short courses NEWS!!!
In anticipation of likely easing of the lockdown rules, we are delighted to (tentatively?) offer the following opportunities for our 5 day course Practical Geostatistics/MRE.
19th to 23rd October 2020, Windhoek, Namibia assuming cross border traffic is available by then. Enquiries to Shaun.
Then back to Johannesburg for 16th to 20th November 2020. Enquiries to Shaun.
Please click here for an extract from previous brochures if you are uncertain of the structure and content of our workshops.
The complete series of Practical Geostatistics 2000 textbooks will be provided free of charge in electronic form. Currently retailing at almost ZAR3,000 this is a significant benefit.
Technical or content enquiries to Isobel.
All safety measures will be applied with strict adherence to whatever rules are operating at the time. Come and have fun learning Geostatistics and help the world (and my life!) get back to some sort of sanity.................

November 2019 class at Ferndale Lodge (missing Daniel as per most of the course, sic).

For personal training options visit One-to-one training

All courses taught by Isobel Clark
with rare and invaluable assistance from Bill Harper in North America.

Details on your Course Leaders here

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Isobel Clark

Zero to Kriging: As the name suggests, this course takes interested students from no knowledge of statistics or geostatistics through to the mysteries of ordinary kriging and its variants in 30 hours (or less). This is a classroom course and includes manual exercises to reinforce understanding of the techniques. Contact Isobel for information re venues.

Practical Geostatistics This course is 3 days which are equivalent to Zero to Kriging with lectures augmented by practical PC/laptop-based exercises covering many different applications. Contact Isobel if you have questions about this.

BYO Geostatistics: This course allows the participant to analyse his/her own data using the Geostokos Toolkit under supervision. Tutorial data sets are provided to accustom the student to the software. Recent courses have attracted participants with applications varying from sea-bird protection zones, river pollution, pests in orange groves to more traditional(?) applications such as groundwater hydrology and geological resource estimation. Contact Isobel for local information re venue, accommodation and so on.

Real Geostatistics: This is a new(ish) course, run for the first time at the University of Florida, Gainesville in December 2005. Described as an "intermediate" course on geostatistics, this two-day seminar uses case studies to illustrate the use of geostatistical methods in a variety of applications
Course content is tailored to the audience at any specific venue. Come along and make your needs known!

Study online with the option to gain formal credits through EduMine. Two courses cover the contents of Practical Geostatistics 2000:

Classical Statistics: Click here for statistics, lognormals, trend surfaces and much more

Spatial statistics: click here for inverse distance, semi-variograms, kriging and variations

JRC Ispra, Italy

Auburn University, Alabama, USA

Newmont Mining, Carlin, Nevada

Queen's University, Belfast, NI